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Listing of Prizes

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Estimated Prize Money from Australian Prizes

144 Prizes worth $2,940,050

Estimated Prize Money from Internation Prizes

22 Prizes worth $312,070

This year's winners are...

Prize Winners for 2015

Matt Calvert
Montalto Sculpture Prize
Winner ($30,000)
Kevin Chin
Bayside Acquisitive Art Prize
Winner ($15,000)
Cobi Cockburn
Tom Malone Prize
Winner ($12,000)
Mikala Dwyer
Redlands Konica Minolta Art Prize
Winner ($25,000)
Natalie Grono
National Photographic Portrait Prize
People's Choice ($2,000)
Lou Hubbard
Guirguis New Art Prize
Winner ($20,000)
Margaret Hutchings
Milburn Art Prize
Winner ($5,000)
Ildiko Kovacs
Bulgari Art Award
Winner ($80,000)
Owen Leong
Josephine Ulrick & Win Schubert Photography Award
Winner ($20,000)
Neil Malone
Burnie Print Prize
Winner ($15,000)
Stieg Persson
Bayside Acquisitive Art Prize
Local Art Prize ($3,000)
Phil Price
McClelland Sculpture Survey and Award
People's Choice ($20,000)
Sally Robinson
Gallipoli Art Prize
Winner ($20,000)
Shannon Smiley
Bayside Acquisitive Art Prize
People's Choice ($1,000)